Sing & Blossom Accommodation

Ideal for

Couples wishing to fill their hearts with unforgettable memories and their social media with stunning pics from the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos.

Friends wishing to live never-ending nights in restaurants and bars, meeting new people and enjoying sandy beaches, clear blue waters at beach bars all around the island playing music for their pleasure.

Lovers of water sports offered generously to beginners and pros alike.

People wishing to visit the sacred island of Delos, birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, to admire the Archeological Museum, Cyclades Museum, Folklore Museum, Nautical Museum, Agricultural Museum, as well as Museums of mykonian traditional life and art, i.e. “Lenas’ House”

Island hoppers, wishing to visit the famous Island for a night or two, without renting cars and spending big budgets.

People going for a clean, quiet room, appreciating the Mykonian hospitality, ideal location, next to all services needed, just 650m away from the nightlife of blooming town of Mykonos.