Sing & Blossom Accommodation

About Us

Sing and Blossom Accommodation is a family-run business located on the most privileged spot of the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos. A simple, cosy space excellently placed to give you easy access to the highlights of the island and its vibrant chora. Pinned 300m away from the most famous sunset spot of the island, you can dip in and out of the island action.

"Our goal is to blossom your heart through mykonian hospitality"

Argyro Papadatou

Owner of Sing and Blossom Accommodation, I am a mykonian by birth and since I remember myself I have memories of my ancestors honouring mykonian hospitality (filoxenia), tradition, love for people and freedom. With those feelings at hand, I decided to share my family's grounds with you and accommodate you with respect and love.

I receive all of you, hoping to help you fill your hearts with mykonian wind and spirit and rest your souls and bodies under the exquisite mykonian sky, very close to the most beautiful blue waters you shall remember for life!

"Kalos Irthate Filoi Mas"

"Welcome Home My friends"